[Wine] New research, a new funding tool! Measuring if Moon Gravity Effects Grape Berries

Catarina Moreira catarolina at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 06:41:00 CDT 2014

Hello wine-users,

We, David and Catarina have started to carry out new research in/on
winemaking. And we also want to test if crowdfunding is an option to fund
scientific research.

Re: the winemaking, we want to verify a very simple hypothesis: if the moon
effects the quality of grapevine berries, just like it effects high tides
and low tides.

Sounds esoteric, but it's actually a very scientific approach. (It is not a
joke, as you may assume =)

We want to carry out a simple experiment, measuring the circumference of
grapevine berries (its volume) and comparing the data with data on the
changing moon cycles and lunar gravities (basically with high tide and low
tide a long two moon cycles, from this mid June 2014).

To make this happen, we wish to buy a couple of precision dentrometers,
small devices that measure very small variations in grape berry size.
Because such dendrometers are quite expensive (around EUR 500 for a system,
see image below), we have put up a crowdfunding page
This page allows many people to sponsor us, with relatively small amounts.

We have created a short video to explain our project, at our crowdfunding

Should we not achieve our funding traget, you will not be charged. So all
that you need to do is follow this link
quickly register at the page, and offer any amount that you wish against
our funding goal.


You get of course something in exchange. A list of prizes at the webpage.

Best to you,
Catarina and David
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