[Wine] WordPerfect12

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 20:07:16 CDT 2014

Hey doug,

> thanx, Jordan.  Unchecking the enhanced dialogs seems to have solved the
> immediate problem.
> It looks like I can now save files to the Linux directory also.
> I'm not sure how you got to the answer page--when I entered WordPerfect 12,
> I was told there were 189 entries!

Yeah, saving wasn't the problem [really], it was the enhanced dialogs,
so it should work fine now. [i would assume by the entry appDB]. As
far as how i found the correct entry; i googled "winehq wordperfect12"
[that's what i do, when looking for info; "winehq + appname" ... the
top search results will almost always contain appDB + other useful
info like maybe some answers existing in the forum already, etc. * you
should actually google that youself as there is another main, more
complete entry for wordperfect 12 office in the appDB. + some stuff in
the forums...

> Do you know if I can save in Word 1997~2003 format without at the same time
> making the program
> look and feel like MS Word? I got sort of strange results when I tried that.
> Maybe have to play with it some more.

I have no experience with WordPerfect, so i don't know - as far as
theming in Wine, I am not sure exactly what you are after - but it is
possible to theme wine [but not super easy]. I've done it before, but
not in some time. [ i use to have Wine match my dark GTK+ themes; so
dark menubar, menus, white-text, etc. I modified a 3rd party windows
theme that worked okay in wine, but i remember some apps not looking
perfect, as wine still feels very win 2000/xp like ].



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