[Wine] RFC: New dependency on FFmpeg?

georg at bege.email georg at bege.email
Fri Aug 21 03:39:04 CDT 2015


I'd be curious, why wouldnt it be possible to dynamicly load ffmpeg 
library if existing in the system.
(via search path, ld path etc.)?
I mean on a minor revision the API of ffmpeg should more or less stay 
the same,
I have not that much experience with ffmpeg - I used it once 
(programming wise).

Am 2015-08-21 07:44, schrieb Florian Pelz:
> On 08/21/2015 12:19 AM, Andrew Udvare wrote:
>> So basically I think you would have to propose inclusion of a version 
>> of
>> ffmpeg into Wine's source to get the green-light (and update as
>> necessary). Otherwise there will be a lot of new bug reports of 
>> crashes
>> landing in a probably stripped copy of the system's ffmpeg or libav,
>> with users not knowing how to give good information for debugging.
> ffmpeg/libav sometimes has security issues. Including a vulnerable
> version with Wine would make it impossible for the user to update if
> Wine were stuck on an old ffmpeg version.
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