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Is there a way to cross-link the wine-users mailing list and the Wine forum? What I'm suggesting is to have Wine forum postings get automatically posted also to the wine-users mailing list and insert a "Reply-to" header such as
       Reply-to: wine-users+wine-forum at winehq.org
as a part of the forum initiated message headers to enable mailing list replies to be posted back to the forum. Of course if it's desired to have all mailing list postings appear UNCONDITIONALLY on a single forum (not recommend) then this message header is not needed.

I was unaware of the Wine forum and I don't particularly care to need to visit a forum just to see what, if any, topics are being posted there. (I tend to be a lurker on a variety of mailing lists like this one, watching for interesting subjects in order to gain knowledge. If I find a topic where I can make a contribution then I reply to the mailing list.) I know some other people don't like posts appearing in their mailbox. To each his own mode of operation. Those who prefer forums need not subscribe to the mailing list and people like me will seldom visit the forum(s). Still others may visit the forum(s) regularly but desire to maintain a personal archive of particularly useful posts on an IMAP server.

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     By the way, wine-users mailing list almost not used anymore. 
Instead, we have Wine forum.

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