[Wine] Mappery inquiry

Beartooth beartooth at comcast.net
Tue Jul 7 15:24:29 CDT 2015

On Tue, 07 Jul 2015 15:04:55 +0200, Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
> But did you have a look at QLandkarteGT? It is a native Linux
> application and it is not rocket science to use.  You can load waypoints
> and tracks from a Garmin device to display them on a map, if it is that
> what you want to accomplish. There are a lot of free maps available, it
> is described in the wiki how to load them into QLandkarte.

>> 	Are we there yet?

`	We progress, anyway : 

[root at localhost btth]# dnf install qlandkartegt
Last metadata expiration check performed 0:00:45 ago on Tue Jul  7 
15:42:19 2015.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package         Arch     Version                  Repository
 CharLS          x86_64   1.0-8.fc22               fedora    66 k
 armadillo       x86_64   4.650.2-1.fc22           fedora    25 k
 arpack          x86_64   3.1.5-1.fc22             fedora   108 k
 freexl          x86_64   1.0.1-1.fc22             fedora    36 k
 garmindev       x86_64   0.3.4-9.fc22             fedora   122 k
 gdal-libs       x86_64   1.11.2-3.fc22            fedora   4.4 M
 geos            x86_64   3.4.2-3.fc22             fedora   532 k
 gpsbabel        x86_64   1.5.2-1.fc22             fedora   820 k
 libdap          x86_64   3.13.1-3.fc22            fedora   441 k
 libgeotiff      x86_64   1.4.0-3.fc22             fedora   715 k
 libgta          x86_64   1.0.7-1.fc22             fedora    37 k
 libspatialite   x86_64   4.2.0-3.fc22             fedora   2.1 M
 netcdf          x86_64           fedora   687 k
 ogdi            x86_64   3.2.0-0.23.beta2.fc22    fedora   251 k
 proj-epsg       x86_64   4.8.0-7.fc22             fedora    63 k
 qlandkartegt    x86_64   1.8.1-2.fc22             fedora   3.9 M

Transaction Summary
Install  16 Packages

Total download size: 14 M
Installed size: 50 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y

	Keep staying tuned!

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