[Wine] If Wine isn't am emulator how does it work

Georg Bege georg at bege.email
Wed Jul 15 02:20:30 CDT 2015


Emulators do emulate a platform by executing each opcode (cpu instruction),
which is served by the executable.
This isnt necessary obviously because the platform is the same (x86).
What wine does it simply knows how to read PE-EXE files and also serves
a win32 environment (dependencies as DLLs, file hiearchy layout
windows\system32 etc.).
It also means that basically, wine must provide all the necessary
syscalls which the executable will do...

Its no trick, but a huge amount of work. ;)
For example FreeBSD has an Linux compatibility layer - which would be more
or less the same like what wine does for win32.

Am 14.07.2015 um 21:49 schrieb John Smith:
> Sorry about this noob question, but this is something that has been boring
> me. So Wine is a compatibly layer that tricks windows based apps into
> working on Linux. But isn't that what an emulator does? I know emulators
> more typically visualize the hardware which uses more recesses, but there
> are also high level emulators which just create the environment.
> isn't any software that tricks a program a forum of emulation. Or is it
> more specific then that?
> Another question I'd like to ask is if you could offer any help in install
> Wine to an offline system. Is there a download link to the main .deb or the
> repository or something. I use Linux Mint.
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