[Wine] Alternative uxtheme.dll implementation for using the GTK+ rendering engine

Ivan Akulinchev ivan.akulinchev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 10:24:47 CDT 2015


At the weekend I have wrote an alternative uxtheme.dll implementation
and I want
to share it with you.

The idea was very simple. Most of the Windows applications use
uxtheme.dll to
draw their controls calling the functions like DrawThemeBackground. I
GTK+ has a very similar interface (compare: gtk_render_background) and
it would
be nice to have a wrapper arround it.

So I have got UxThemeGTK. There is still a lot of work, but you can test
it now:
https://github.com/akulinchev/uxthemegtk (see the screenshots at the
bottom of
the page). Pull requests are certainly welcomed!



P.S. Shall I send a copy to wine-devel?

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