[Wine] WineOnWindows

3n3b0x+2rc at guerrillamail.com 3n3b0x+2rc at guerrillamail.com
Sat Apr 9 08:20:40 CDT 2016

Now that we have native ELF binary Linux support in Windows, and the ability already to run some X programs (using an external X server like Xming), it got me wondering if the old WineOnWindows idea could be resurrected.   

The reason I'm suggesting is because with the switch to Win64, Microsoft has deprecated NTVDM support, meaning a lot of 16 bit and early 32 bit Windows programs are unable to run on 64 bit versions of Windows - although running fine on 64 bit Wine/Linux.

A lot of old companies continue to rely on legacy 16 bit software, so I feel it may be worth an investigation to see if the project is viable.

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