[Wine] err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow in own application

Fabian Wein fabian.wein at fau.de
Mon Oct 24 04:29:34 CDT 2016


we have a own C++ code running usually on Linux and OS X. The code is 
known to run on Windows compiled natively. It is a text-based academic 
code (Finite-Element) using some Fortran Libs compiled with the 
cross-compiler and Intels MKL.

Now I cross-compile the code using mingw 6.2.0 from openSUSE. We have 
a testsuite for our code with 150 complete test runs (the whole 
application runs with different input).
Out of these about 70 fail and the most common error (40) is of this type.

ERROR: RV=1 : fixme:msvcrt:MSVCRT__wsopen_s : pmode 0x01b6 ignored
err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow 1712 bytes in thread 0026 eip 
000000007bc654c9 esp 0000000000130f50 stack 0x130000-0x131000-0x330000

Any hints? Links? Apporaches to debug the stuff?

It runs on openSUSE tumbleweed with wine-1.9.20


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