[Wine] hiDPI screens

Gerry Gavigan gerry at gavigan.f9.co.uk
Thu Feb 9 10:41:44 CST 2017

I am aware of the DPI setting in winecfg

Changing it induces different effects on the three Go (Weichi, Baduk) 
programmes for which I need Wine.

On one it increases menu font size and game board size and labeling but 
not the menu icon nor text associated with annotation

On another it increases menu font size and game board size but the text 
and database entries are scrunched up while the board annotation is 

On the third it increases menu font size but the application area does 
not scale, any attempt to increase the window causes graphics noise 
within the window. Reducing the application window to the size it would 
be if I had not changed the DPI setting makes it usable providing one 
has a magnifying glass.

For all purposes they run normally on conventional resolutions.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions, please?

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