Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sat Jan 10 12:56:51 CST 2004

Actually, we've got the free Apple streaming server working
fairly nicely.  mplayer and a working Quicktime player
display it nicely as well.

The only problems are
   1)  Wine + Quicktime don't seem to handle this stream.
       Ironically, the Wine of quite old vintage
       (cxplugin 1.2 timeframe) handles it fine.
   2)  Quicktime 6.5 doesn't run in Wine atm.

I've been hacking at this the last few days and haven't
made any progress, but am hopeful that we'll have a workable
and not shameful plan of attack.



Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
> The last wineconf was webcasted to the world via this page
> http://www.lpbn.org/lpbnwine.htm
> Is there any chance of lpbn or CW webcasting wineconf 2004?
> A free real server is available from
> https://www.helixcommunity.org/
> Ivan.
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