Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sun Jan 11 22:39:16 CST 2004

Hey Joe,

> I'm not sure how to do the live streaming server stuff, but we can 
> always put it on tape for archival viewing later on.  Of course the 
> beauty of broadcasting live is that you can multicast (with special
> ISP routing provisions) requiring less bandwidth.
> I think the LPBN.org folks should be consulted for the broadcasting
> part.  As for editing the material, that can be done on Linux as well
> as will be shown at the Madison Linux User Group on Jan 13th, 2004.
> I can help getting images that the viewers can see and that are stable 
> and look good with clear audio so the quality doesn't distract from the
> content.

Yah - the LPBN folks have always been helpful when I've worked with
them.  And it'd sure be nice to have you come in with all the
gear we need for a clear recording - I recall folks on IRC
saying last time that they had a hard time hearing.

However, and I may well be a bit foolish here, I don't really know
that we need to worry that much.  I find it hard to believe
that more than a few people will watch the streams live, and I think
we've got the bandwidth for that.  It would probably be prudent
to see if we can get a mirror or two (anyone in Europe care
to volunteer?)

> Is there any thought to doing multiple breakout seminars at the same
> time?  I once arranged video coverage for an event where there were 
> 9 different seminars happening at the same time for about 5 timeslots.

There will likely be gatherings outside the main room, but they'll
be informal, and not appropriate for filming (in fact, I'm hoping
the same is true of most of the 'main' topics - I'd rather have
fun  <grin>).



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