Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Mon Jan 12 02:39:18 CST 2004

Joe Baker wrote:

>Bring the wireless mic.  What kind is it?
>I have a Sampson VHF lapel mic.
>Do you have any audio mixers?
>Video switchers?
>If not I have contacts I could talk to.
>Tell me about your camcorder...
>Tape format?
- I have a canon XM1 (The PAL of GL1 3ccd DV camera).
- The wireless system is some kind of VHF. can't recall the brand.
- I'm a fried my mixers are not the kind you can travel with.

Jeremy White wrote:

>There will likely be gatherings outside the main room, but they'll
>be informal, and not appropriate for filming (in fact, I'm hoping
>the same is true of most of the 'main' topics - I'd rather have
>fun  <grin>).
I hope people will not be that shy because in 10 years time. When you 
will all be very rich and famous and Linux & wine will be a grate 
success, I intend to come out with the film. :)

Jeremy White wrote:

>Last thing on my todo list is figuring out how
>to get the server to archive the stream. It can be
>done on the Mac, but it has a (comparitively) tiny
>hard drive, so I'm not sure that's the way to go.
Best way to go with a MAC is with an external Firewire HD. I will come 
with a Firewire-to-ide external box. Are there any extra IDE drives?

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