Access to the outside or local storage

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sun Jan 25 14:14:41 CST 2004

Hi all,

I'll be bringing a burrowed laptop to wineconf, and the agreement is
that I don't put stuff on the HD. With a LiveCD, that's not a big
problem to use the computer, but to do something useful during wineconf
(build Wine, hack/use it, etc.), I'll need either some access to my box
here over the Internet, or I can bring a 9GB SCSI HD to put in a local
box over there, if there's a computer to which it can be hooked up.
Which one is the preferred way for you guys?

Also, I recall something about "wireless preferred" for the LAN, but
that laptop doesn't have any 802.11 gear, only 10/100 Ethernet. Will
that be available onsite?

Thanks and see you on Friday night/Saturday morning,

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