Access to the outside or local storage

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Jan 25 20:24:37 CST 2004

Vincent Béron wrote:
> Le dim 25/01/2004 à 19:11, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith a écrit :
>>>I'll need either some access to my box
>>>here over the Internet, or I can bring a 9GB SCSI HD to put in a local
>>>box over there,
>>You could use an external hard drive, or back up HD contents in a image and
>>restore it after wineconf, or buy (Or build) an adapted from EIDE to whatever
>>port you have on the laptop.
> The goal was to not buy some new equipment, but rather find a solution
> with what I already have. That HD is sitting on my desk right now.


Assuming we can cobble together a decent network, we could probably
find you a 'home' for your files.  But don't hold me to that, we're
making some last minute rearrangements, and may not have net access
at all (our attendance list is up to 35; if we really get that many,
we need a different facility; the current facility is really only
going to work for up to about 30 at most).


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