Travel Arrangements:

Mandi Gagne mandi at
Tue Jan 27 14:29:11 CST 2004

So far, these are the immediate concerns:
Please confirm with me (and your buddy, if you've been assigned one) that
you have received these instructions, so that I won't worry about you.  If
these instructions are not cool for one reason or other, please let me know
immediately so I can tease you for being a crying ninny.

HUW (huw at
Chris will pick you up at the airport at 15:10 on Wednesday, door #6.  Chris
drives a navy blue Subaru legacy (station wagon).  Where you go from there
is a mystery....

FRANCOIS (francois at
You will arrive at 18:11 on Wednesday, get your things, and meet up with
Juan (juan_lang at who lands at 19:00 at the Starbucks that Mike
mentioned.  Aric (aric at will pick the both of you up at
7:00.  Please forgive me for the brief wait at the airport.  Aric drives a
white Subaru Hatchback, has long brown hair, is a non-smoker, and likes
romantic walks on the beach at sunset.

JUAN (juan_lang at
You arrive at 19:00, get your things, and meet Francois
(francois at, who is arriving from Chicago and will be waiting
for you.  Aric (aric at will pick you both up at door #6.
Aric drives a white Subaru hatchback.  He's a local, and knows his way
around the city pretty well.  Francois is staying at the Chatsworth in St.
Paul, and you at the Youth Hostel in Minneapolis, so I'll leave it to you
all to figure out the plans for Wednesday night.

ULRICH (ulrich at
Someone (we don't know who, yet), will pick you up at the airport at 10:30
am on Thursday at door #6.  They will creep to the curb slowly and
cautiously, and when you approach, will rev the engine and honk, then drive
away very quickly with your bags.  Just kidding.  From there, you'll
probably get stuck at the office.

ALEXANDRE (alexandre at
You arrive Thursday at 17:56.  Rent a car.  A big one.  Pick it up.  Drive
to the "arrivals" lane of the airport and pick up Lionel
(lionel.ulmer at at door #6 (the last one) who lands at 18:45 on
Thursday.  I have no idea what he looks like.  Maybe you can get in touch
with him for better details.  Lionel is staying at the Best Western (west of
our office on University), and Jeremy is having a "thing" at his house in
St. Paul.  What you do with Lionel after you pick him up is your business.

LIONEL (lionel.ulmer at
You arrive Thursday at 18:45.  Alexandre (alexandre at is
renting a car and will pick you up at door #6.  I have no idea what kind of
car he is renting, but I suggested "big" and I am expecting a two-seater
sport-coupe with racing tires.  Please contact Alexandre to confirm these
arrangements.  Alexandre is staying at the Chatsworth in St. Paul, and there
is a "thing" later that evening at Jeremy's house.  What you decide to do
and when is not for me to choose, so I'll leave it to you to discuss with
Alexandre.  He's shy, and doesn't always bite, but be careful when playing
"fetch" with him... he can get a little distracted by the leprechauns.

TOM (twickline at
We thought we'd leave you at the airport.  Tough cookies, kid.

TOM (twickline at
Just kidding.  You arrive on Friday at 10:00.  That's an office day for us,
and we haven't actually worked out the details yet, but someone will pick
you up at door #6 at 10:15.  Call my cell phone or the office number if
something is amiss.  The office is pretty close to the airport.

Oh my goodness.  Brian rented a car (brilliant!!) and it looks like you'll
be riding together.  Thanks a TON for giving me one less thing to worry
about.  If you guys want to get settled and then call one of the cell phones
to hook up with the folks that want to go out, that would be rad.  And if
you don't, we'll see you on Saturday!

ARTHUR, MIKE, VINCENT, ART, GAV... still working on details... please stand

big kiss,

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