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Henry W. Miller hank at
Tue Jan 27 14:30:40 CST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Mike McCormack wrote:

> I actually put it at

Some things I'd note.

It is cold in Minneapolis.   The highest tempatures all weekend is
expected to be about 12F (-14 C).   Dress for it, if you have nothing that
will work, get someone to meet you with a coat and hat.   If your gonna
drive up from the south, make sure you car is ready for it.

On tipping waiters/waitresses: 10% is the minimal you can do without being
insulting, and is a way of saying that the service was minimal.  20% is a
way of saying "nice job", and should always be a pleasure.  Geeks have a
reputation for not tipping well, lets try to change that.

There is not much a night life in the twin cities.  Don't waste your time
wondering around looking for one outside of the listed areas.  There are
things to do elsewhere, but they are so spread out that you should know
where you are going.  There is plenty to do though, you just have to find

One of my favorite sites to find enertainment is the twin cities acoustic
music calendar. (beware some things are
several hours away)   There are several more out there, for scenes I don't
follow.  Google is your friend.

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