Remote access

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Tue Jan 27 17:52:39 CST 2004

> Could you try the following:
> and tell me how it goes?
Well, the mdk RPMs of mplayer don't support rtsp, and I don't think I'll have
time to rebuild before wineconf (Have to help my sister with javascript, se has
a uni exam in a few days), and quicktime gets a nice "Connection failed" error
after switching transport various times. BTW I have 2 firewalls, one behind the
other, filtering everything and anything that's incoming, and I don't really
want to change that. Maybe you could provide a trial version of crossover
<Whatever version is ok to see the stream here>, or let me know what
day/month/year wine was OK, so I can get that version from CVS.

p.s. Just tried again and quicktime just switches transport for ever until I
close it.

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