Looking for Gavriel!!

Mandi Gagne mandi at codeweavers.com
Fri Jan 30 12:49:30 CST 2004

let's see... my biggest goal is to get everyone from the airport in the
first place... i haven't even started on returning them.  i figure i'll
pluck through the list and arbitrarily choose who i will keep here (to
torture), and who will get booted back to their respective homes.  i haven't
even started on getting folks back.  honestly, love, i'll bet that renting a
car is probably going to make you the happiest.  if nothing else, you'll
have a guaranteed ride to all the functions (and your meeting).  the only
downside is that you might be roped into hauling wine geeks around to some
of the functions (the horror!!).  if you don't like to share, then it might
not be a good choice.


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Hi Mandi,

I've actually got a car rental booked, and I'm staying at the Best Western.

I'm arriving on United Flight 793 at 1:05 PM on Saturday, and I'm leaving
on United Flight 451 on Sunday at 3:05.

Instead of the car rental, a ride would definitely be appreciated if the
times are ok with you.  My only constraint is that there's a small chance
that I will need a car for another meeting over the weekend.  I should
know that for certain by the end of the day.  If you're ok to give me a
lift in both directions, I can let you know by the end of the day as to
whether or not I'll be getting the car.

You can reach me any time at the cell number below, by the way - I will
certainly have it as soon as I land in St. Paul.

Take care,

Mandi Gagne wrote:

> dude, do you have transportation yet?  since most of the gang will be in
> conference, i figure the best person suited to give you a lift is me.
> i'll need specs, tho.  flight number?  where are you staying?  all i've
> is what's posted on mike's arrival schedule.
> e-mail me privately...
> mandi at codeweavers.com
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