WineConf Agenda

Jakob Eriksson jakov at
Fri Apr 1 01:20:11 CST 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:

>I think a full agenda would be about 11 items.  If you would like to
>present something let me know - there's definitely space available. 
>If you've been wondering, "There's a neat project I'd like to do if I
>could only get a few more people interested", well, this is the
>perfect time to bring it up.  If there's something strategic to Wine
>development, this is a great time to discuss it.  

I don't know if I can find the time to prepare a proper
presentation, but if I do, I'd like talk about and get some
input from you on the subject of testing.

1) I want the conformance tests done faster. (I have a clear idea how.)

2) What's almost never been brought up on wine-devel is the
unit testing in the XP sense.

1 has been discussed on wine-devel quite a bit, so I'll skip it
in this mail.

regarding 2:

CXTest is like application testing. This is good, high-level testing.

The conformance tests test the Windows API.
But in the case of a complicated API (and Windows is complicated) maybe
we need to test the smaller units behind the API.

So, the conformance tests often are somewhere between application testing
and unit testing.

Can we have an infrastructure for running unit tests of small units of code
private to the implementation?

I.e. these tests, we could call them "private tests", would not run on 
Windows, but
during build of Wine.

Would it be acceptable to just include extra test code in the 
implementation c file,
surrounded by  #ifdef COMPILE_PRIVATE_TESTS ?


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