Wine printer configuration

Sven Jacobs jacobssven at
Fri Aug 5 08:43:55 CDT 2005

We are setting up an application that needs to be available at around
350 locations.
Everything seems to work fine.  We can start the application we can
print, etc...
My problem is now that because wine is running on the server we had to
configure the 350 IP based printers also at the server side.

Can we filter out the printer for location X if there is a connection from
location X?  so that they only see that printer that is located in their
location and not the other 349 printers.  I doubt that it is possible but
I have to figure out a way to fix it.
Or can i configure wine in that way so that he will print to the
remote cups server of the client that is connecting.

Sven Jacobs
Because Great Minds Think Alike

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