Transportation system in Zurich

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Wed Aug 22 04:57:47 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 22 August 2007 09:50:46 martin pilka wrote:
> Hello,
> we tried to find out how to get from hotel Rex to conference and found
> this:
> After you enter addresses, you get attached screenshot. Now, I have no idea
> what does it actually mean. These questions come to my mind:
> * Is is a bus, train, or something else?
> * What is the number of it? I.e. bus number X
> * What time does it go?

It doesn't say anything about that yet. It just said, that in order to get 
from Freigutstrasse 12 to Weinbergstrasse 92, it'll pick the following 
selected stops, with name, type, distance and time (probably to get there by 
walking). You want to click "Weiter".

You'll get to a page giving the selected stops again, and you now get to pick 
date and time you want to travel. You continue with "Verbindung suchen"

Then you'll get the time tables with stops and tram numbers and all. Looks 
like most connections take about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps,

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