Linuxtag 2007 in Berlin

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 6 08:13:50 CST 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Say, here's a crazy idea: hold Wineconf in Berlin
> right before Linuxtag... that might make it easier
> to get the booth staffed... and it might attract
> a bunch of not-yet-wine-developers to wineconf.

May 30th seems like fairly short notice.  You're also
into peak travel season, which we've historically tried
to avoid to help mitigate costs.  (A ticket MSP->BER
is $1,125 end of May; same ticket is $700 for travel
mid April).

But I don't think the general principle is bad;
particularly if Wineconf happens on the weekend
before or after a trade show, it may make the travel easier
for some folks.

I had been thinking we could repeat in the fall;
mid to late September time frame.

I believe the first Wineconf was in the spring, the next one,
I think, was roughly 20 months later in the dead
of Winter, followed by spring in Germany, and then fall
in England; an approximate average of 16 months between.
Hmm.  That does suggest winter in Minnesota again, doesn't it? <evil grin>

Seriously, I'd rather not have it go more than a year
between meetings; that's why I was thinking fall.

Other opinions?



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