WineConf 2007

Dan Kegel dank06 at
Tue Feb 6 09:42:35 CST 2007

On 2/6/07, Dan Kegel <dank06 at> wrote:
> videotaped talks on YouTube for viewing a couple hours later.
> Hopefully the talks in Amsterdam would be available for viewing
> the next day on YouTube.
> Taping, editing, and uploading the talks would be a challenge,
> you would want one person doing the recording, and a second
> person doing the editing and uploading (presumably during the
> next talk.)  It'd be quite a trick if it worked.  (I tried taping
> the 2006 talks, and both my camerawork and my audio were
> lousy; maybe I could practice on some local events to refine my
> technique.)

Better idea: record the video straight from the presenter's laptop,

The Ubuntu demo team uses this.  Their writeup is at
(it's scary because they also document how they create
screencasts of installing new operating systems, which involves
virtual machines; that's not needed for screencasting plain
old demos or talks.)

I'll see if I can get that working on my laptop, and maybe put
up some simplified instructions.
- Dan

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