WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Feb 7 08:09:51 CST 2007

>  What we could do is put up a news posting on the winehq front page
> and also on the Wineconf 07 wiki page asking users and corporations if
> they would like to help sponsor the next Conf. We could also put
> together a "Donor list" thank you page, and list everyone that gives
> and any comments that they would like to make.

I think this is a great idea.  I've felt for some time now that
we don't thank our contributors all that well.  (I thank each
and every one personally, but...)   I've made an effort to
change that, but like with many good ideas, my day job interfered.

I'd like to see a donations page that was something like this:

  Donate:    ______   $  (at > $100, you get a complimentary T-shirt)
                         (at > $500, you get listed in the 'thank you' box
                          on the front page of until after
                          the next Wine conference)
  Name:      ______

         | |            Check here for your contribution to remain anonymous.

Note that this imagines making a Wine T-shirt.  We're willing to share
the drunken penguin design if that helps (with the Mac, we've
had to let go of the penguins, to our great sadness :-().

Is that something you'd be willing to work on Tom?

>  It has become clear that travel expenses for attendees is the major
> obstacle in there decision on attending any conference. I know this is
> not in any way a full solution to the travel expense problem, but it
> may give one more person the opportunity to attend that other wise
> would not have had the chance to share in this most pleasant
> experience.
> Comments?

Last year, the WPF was enough to pay for the conference, but it didn't
really leave much left over to sponsor any travel.

Two Wineconf's ago, the WPF was smaller, but was used exclusively to fund travel;
although all that meant was that 4 or 5 people had their costs defrayed.

Three Wineconf's ago, Lindows paid for the travel of the 'top 20' Wine
developers, with 'top 20' being a rather subjective thing.

What's hard about this is that there is no easy way to decide
who gets funded and by how much.  Obviously, that may well be
a good problem to have, but just be aware that you're creating a job
fraught with political peril when you set about to help fund travel.



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