How about holding Wineconf at Google's campus in Mountain View, California?

Claudio Fontana sick_soul at
Mon Feb 12 12:32:47 CST 2007

--- Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:

> Mike Hearn wrote:
> > Lodging, I'm not sure. There are plenty of hotels
> around, probably
> > hostels as well but I'd have to check.
> Hmm.  A quick poke on this web site:
> suggests that Zurich is a bit pricy for lodging
> (roughly 92 Euros / night;
> I looked for September).
> But it sures seems like a good fit in a lot of other
> ways...
> Cheers,
> Jeremy

The city center is really expensive (and they normally
charge extra for breakfast and parking).

You can save a lot by staying away from the center:
the city is perfectly served by public transportation
(trams and busses).

I booked for two persons for 140 CHF, breakfast and
parking included last year in Hotel Olympia (on the
Badenerstrasse, near Albisriederplatz), which they
tell me was a decent enough accomodation (don't know
first hand).




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