Some touristic info

Claudio Fontana sick_soul at
Mon Feb 12 14:41:50 CST 2007

The Zurich Tourism site:

They seem to provide some kind of offer for group

But I don't know, it could be the expensive stuff they
are spooning you with.

About transportation they promote this 'Zurich Card'
which I don't see as necessarily convenient (34 CHF
for using public transports for three days + some
unspecified 'other discounts', where just buying a
normal Tageskarte at any Bus or Tram station costs
7.80 * day (*3=23.40), with the added flexibility of
not being constrained on the three days.

I ate in some good but very expensive restaurants in
the center and at the lake: [best during summer though]

That's all, maybe some other Zuerich resident can shed
more light on these things, since my social life is
lacking at best.




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