Next steps for Wineconf 2007

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 20 16:18:14 CST 2007

I think it makes sense to make this email sort of a 'last call'
for hosting offers - please speak up now if you have
an idea for Wineconf 2007.

But, barring a retraction, we seem to have two generous offers
to host Wineconf this year (yay!).

That is, one in Zurich (Google/Mike Hearn), and one in Amsterdam or Utrech (Hans).

I did a quick, completely non scientific, survey of prices for a trip
from MSP to each site around the weekend of September 22:

            Flight     Hotel
Zurich       $902      ~$125
Amsterdam    $820      ~$150

which suggests to me that they are fairly close to a wash.

With Zurich, I believe we're hoping that Google will donate
the use of their offices to host the conference.

With Amsterdam, we may yet need to either shift off a weekend,
or find a conference location.  (That shouldn't be hard;
pretty much any hotel is happy to host a conference like this).

Have I summarized correctly?  I hope I haven't
misrepresented either offer.

If so, I suggest we pick a location; and I propose we do
that by mailing list consensus.  If there doesn't seem to
be a consensus, then perhaps we could shift to some sort
of a vote.

Does that make sense?  If it does, express a preference around
location, and let's see if a consensus forms...



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