WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Tom Wickline twickline at
Wed Feb 21 06:42:44 CST 2007

On 2/20/07, Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:
> I've had a read through, and I think that's a fairly well put together
> page; we could put that up and link to it from the front page of WineHQ.

Add a section under the WineHQ menu (Donations) and a news release ?

> I do have a lot of nits I would pick with it, but I figure I'll wait on doing
> that until after we've decided when/whether to do this.  (Things like
> changing the check address to go to the SFLC, not me, and tuning some of the
> language).

I agree the language needs some/allot of tuning, but why on earth
should we send the money to the SFLC?
Are you suggesting we should set up a escrow account with the SFLC and
let them hold the money for us?

> I have to admit I'm fairly neutral about this; I can't see any harm in it,
> and if it means there's even one more person at Wineconf, that seems like a Good Thing (TM).

I see it as a good thing as well (TM).. it's not like were going to be
saying give us X amount and we will in return give you this or that in
return. We will  just be asking users and corporations if they would
like to give some pocket change to help the project along.  Most every
other project out there has had fund raisers and even out right ask
for funds, I don't see any harm in us having our own fund raiser.

> Being a bit cynical, what we're doing to some extent is selling our high Google
> page rank; basically, $1,000 gets you 12 months of good search engine placement.
> That may be way too little money.

I got the $1,000 figure from your first reply :D

Okay how about $10,000 and we write up a paragraph or two about the
benefits of being a WPF 'gold' sponsor?

> Do others have an opinion?

I have another question, should we think about changing the WPF (Wine
Party Fund) to the WCF (Wine Conference Fund)?



> Cheers,
> Jeremy

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