WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Feb 21 10:11:39 CST 2007

>> Indeed.  I wonder how much just joining Google's ads network would
>> rake in for Wine.
>> ( )
> I have also made this suggestion!

I suppose that's arguably a better way of monetizing
our page rank.

I have to confess that I don't have a clearly articulated
argument against it, just an unease in my gut.

For example, if we do raise money, who gets to decide how it's
allocated?  I've been pretty uncomfortable essentially
being the person deciding for the ~ $2K/year we've
been raising.  How do we decide if we raise $10,000?
Every time I tried to find a way to spend money on Wine,
basically folks have said 'never mind'.

(As a side note, the purse strings are now in the hand
of the Conservancy; they basically require proof of a clear
consensus of the Wine project before disbursing funds).

Second, I really like the idea of a campaign specifically
for travel expenses.  Every time I've tried to spend Wine
money on things other than Wineconf, it just hasn't
worked out, or been necessary.  But if we have a campaign just around
travel sponsorship, then it's clear to folks donating what it's for.

But I wonder if it makes sense to move this discussion to a
broader venue?  (Or, perhaps, send an email to wine-devel
letting folks know that this discussion is going on here).

I think this is one of those areas where people may have
strong opinions that they've been too polite to air, and
it may be useful to air them.



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