Next steps for Wineconf 2007

martin pilka mpilka at
Wed Feb 21 12:41:11 CST 2007

> I did a quick, completely non scientific, survey of prices for a trip
> from MSP to each site around the weekend of September 22:
>             Flight     Hotel
> Zurich       $902      ~$125
> Amsterdam    $820      ~$150

I am adding Bratislava, which is still a choice:


Plane ticket one way: $1506
(Aug 24, one way ticket MSP --> VIEnna, this is really too much, other
direction is not in)

Plane ticket round trip way: $1213
(Aug 24, back Aug 28, round trip MSP -> ORD -> CDG -> VIE)

Plane ticket prices are strange, especially the fact that one way ticket is
more expensive than round trip. But it is really so, I checked this two
times, first time one week ago, second time today.

To compare, same round trip, but in reversed direction (VIE -> LHR -> ORD
-> MSP) is $941. This is what I was experienced also few years ago, when I
was travelling to USA - plane tickets bought here are simply cheaper than
bought in USA. Crazy.

Hotel is around $170 in downtown, $60 nice hotel outside downtown.

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