Last details for WineConf 2007

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue Oct 2 12:22:15 CDT 2007

Hello everyone,

This weekend it is WineConf, in Zurich Switzerland. Here are some handy details.

Firstly if you get stuck, phone me. My number is +41 78 601 8607

For those of you staying at the Hotel Rex, it is only one tram ride to
get to the Google office on Freigutstrasse.

Here is a map showing useful things:,8.544788&spn=0.031329,0.09407&z=14

Notice the tram stop just up the road. You need on it, heading to
Tunnelstrasse. There are signs on each side detailing the stops it
will make in that direction, it should be fairly self explanatory.
Make sure you go in the right direction! You want the tram heading
south from the hotel.

I'll try and get a photo tour done tomorrow during my lunch break.
There'll be lunch Saturday/Sunday (just easy finger foods really), and
CodeWeavers is generously buying us on Saturday evening at the
Bierhalle Wolf (I told them to expect between 35 and 50 people for
fondue, which might be a bit optimistic, we'll see).

What time are we going to start? 9:30ish?

thanks -mike

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