Last details for WineConf 2007

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Oct 2 12:33:44 CDT 2007

Great, thanks, Mike!

Do you have further details on a suggested meeting place
for Friday afternoon/evening?

I know Alexandre would be happier if we started officially
at 9:30; would it be alright, though, if the doors opened
at 8:30 so folks could start congregating?

Also, as far as an agenda, I seem to recall that last year
we had a white board with suggested topics, and then had
show of hands voting to pick topics.  Same sort of plan
work for this year?



Mike Hearn wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> This weekend it is WineConf, in Zurich Switzerland. Here are some handy details.
> Firstly if you get stuck, phone me. My number is +41 78 601 8607
> For those of you staying at the Hotel Rex, it is only one tram ride to
> get to the Google office on Freigutstrasse.
> Here is a map showing useful things:
> Notice the tram stop just up the road. You need on it, heading to
> Tunnelstrasse. There are signs on each side detailing the stops it
> will make in that direction, it should be fairly self explanatory.
> Make sure you go in the right direction! You want the tram heading
> south from the hotel.
> I'll try and get a photo tour done tomorrow during my lunch break.
> There'll be lunch Saturday/Sunday (just easy finger foods really), and
> CodeWeavers is generously buying us on Saturday evening at the
> Bierhalle Wolf (I told them to expect between 35 and 50 people for
> fondue, which might be a bit optimistic, we'll see).
> What time are we going to start? 9:30ish?
> thanks -mike
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