problem with typing in language other than english

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Tue Aug 11 05:50:24 CDT 2009

Hello, all

I need to type in more than 1 language in one text file in notepad of wine.
I am using KDE and wine-1.1.24.

When i change the "input language" in KDE with Alt-Ctrl-K key , most of the
keys in notepad of wine will not display any character any others will type
the "?" character.  :-(

Please tell me in detail:

1 - How must i activate "input language" changing in wine ?

2 - After that, when i am running a notepad with wine , with what key i can
change the "input language", or bring up "input language" icon of taskbar of
Win-XP ?( that this changing can be done in Win-XP by Alt-Shift keys)

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