Announcing WineConf 2009

Hans Leidekker hans at
Fri May 29 02:53:28 CDT 2009

Dear Wine developers,

You may recall that I volunteered to help host WineConf in the Netherlands
in 2007 when, after a vote, an offer by Dan Kegel to host at Google's offices
in Zurich won the bid.

Last year WineConf went across the pond to Minnesota, so it seems natural
that this year's WineConf will be hosted in the country with the highest
number of Wine developers per capita ;-)

At Twente University Campus to be precise, near the city of Enschede:,6.852207&spn=0.0226,0.057764&z=15

From November 6-8 (Friday to Sunday).

I chose this place because of its good facilities and relatively low
costs; we want to make the conference accessible for as many developers
as possible.

Directions, agenda, etc. will be made available on this page:

Please e-mail me at wineconf at if you intend to come, so we
can make a better estimation of the number of attendees.

See you there!


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