Minor travel note

Julius Schwartzenberg j.schwartzenberg at student.utwente.nl
Wed Nov 4 19:06:15 CST 2009

That's all correct. You should mainly note the number of the bus. The 
display on the bus will probably say "9 Enschede Centraal Station". The 
stop where you need to get out will be indicated on the monitor as 
"UT/Viaduct" but the woman will pronounce "Universiteit Viaduct".

There are no other busses with 9 on them in another direction since 
Hengelo is the begin/end station of that bus line.

Note that when you are at Hengelo station there will also be a bus stop 
marked "15/16 Universiteit". This is a very specific bus line which only 
rides at specific times. If you happen to catch this bus it will bring 
you very close to the Drienerburgt when you get off at the stop "UT/De 
Zul" or "UT/Bastille" (it's right in between them). Both stops are 
indicated by the Hs near the Drienerburght on the map. Note that these 
stops are not indicated on the monitor in the bus till it has passed the 
stop "UT/Viaduct" for some reason.
This bus doesn't ride for most part of the day however.

So note that although there is a stop at Hengelo which says "15/16 
Universiteit", you generally should not wait there, but really at the 
stop with "9 Enschede Centraal Station". The reason this bus is not 
mentioned on the wiki is because of it's irregular schedule and because 
of the confusing monitor indication.

Your train should arrive several minutes before the half hour (so around 
the 25th or 55th minute). The bus will leave at 3 minutes past every 
half an hour (so every 3th or 33th minute). In a normal situation it 
should be no problem to catch the bus which connects to your train. Even 
though you have to walk a bit more at Hengelo station now, because they 
are rebuilding it.


Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> As far as I remember bus 9 goes from Hengelo station to Enschede
> station and in between has a dozen stops including two at the
> university, so you can't really take the wrong bus. There should be a
> monitor in the front of the bus showing the stops.
> Roderick
> On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:32 AM, Jeremy White <jwhite at codeweavers.com> wrote:
>> I noticed one minor nit on the wiki that probably
>> will make no difference at all.  The wiki says to
>> take the #9 bus designated 'University'.
>> But the travel planning sites say that the #9 bus from
>> Hengelo will say 'Enschede' (it passes
>> the University on its way).  The buses probably say both,
>> but figured I'd mention it just in case...
>> Hopefully, I've confused someone else enough that I won't
>> be the only horribly lost person on Friday.
>> See you then!
>> Cheers,
>> Jeremy

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