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Tue Sep 22 01:19:35 CDT 2009

Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Hi guys,
> As you all know WineConf 2009 will take place at the campus of the
> University of Twente in the Netherlands. This is the university at
> which I have studied and still live. Julius Schwartzenberg (a computer
> science student) and I have talked to various students and employees
> whether they would be interested in WineConf. We have the impression
> that there is quite some interest from them in WineConf (it is hard to
> say how much people are interested but I would guess a few dozen).
> WineConf itself is open to anyone but except for AJ his keynote, I
> don't think it is that interesting for outsiders. What I'm suggesting
> is that we hold a 'WinePreConf' on the Friday before WineConf at lets
> say 4pm or so at which we will give one or two presentations (lets say
> half an hour each) about Wine. It would be meant for students and
> others with a technical background and it would explain things like
> how Wine works, how it is developed, what it is used for ..... and
> other interesting you could think about. After the presentations there
> would be time for some beer. Attendees can ask questions and perhaps
> can be lured to hack on Wine as well ;)
> Personally I think such an event would be good to give others an
> overview of Wine and to attract more developers. I don't expect all
> Wine developers to be there but I expect that a big part of us is
> already available by then (at least the US guys, since US planes
> arrive in the morning). I think it would even be possible to hold such
> an event in a lecture room which has video equipment and even
> streaming support, so we could have some Youtube movies in good
> quality ;)
> What do you guys think about it? I really think there is an interest
> in this and I think the university might be willing to help as well.
> Regards,
> Roderick Colenbrander

I'm down for this.  I want to give a talk about the future of Wine
usability and what it can look like as Wine 1.2 rolls around.

Scott Ritchie

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