Rethinking WineConf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Jan 9 12:31:11 CST 2012

Hi All,

This past Wine conference, while great fun as always, was not as well
attended as Wine conferences in the past.

So I would like to stir up trouble by suggesting we rethink WineConf.

For those that have not attended, the Wine conference has been a mostly
annual affair since 2002.  It is open to all, but is advertised as being
aimed at Wine developers.  About 35 people attend each year.  It's been
in Minnesota about every 3rd year, and is otherwise 'normally' somewhere
in Europe.

I see the primary goal as creating human bonds between otherwise
anonymous people (aka going to the pub).  It's a bonus if it also spurs
resolution to tricky issues, or motivates people to get more done.

So I'd like to ask folks to brain storm with me.

How could Wineconf be different?  If you've never been, what would
encourage you to come?

If you've been to a technical conference recently that you thought was
well done, what did they do well?  Anything we could emulate?

Any other ideas, or suggestions?



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