Rethinking WineConf

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Jan 11 09:23:54 CST 2012

Am Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012, 23:00:38 schrieb Marcus Meissner:
> - Users ... as this was brought up
>   Reality check: Wine users will not travel 100s of kms to a standalone
> conference.
>   This would make sense only if we attach wineconf to another general
> conference
An unconventional thought crossed my mind: Attach it to one of those gigantic 
Lan parties like the DreamHack. A big number of private users are gamers, this 
might catch some of them.

Of course we can't simultanously attach it to a Lan party and a classic 
conference, but we can variate things over the years.

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