Rethinking WineConf

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Wed Jan 18 05:49:09 CST 2012


I really liked the WineConf in Paris, that event was fun! Yet, as I
understood, it was intended for active developers to meet and I think it
was set up this way. One couldn't probably gain much from that event if
not already participating. If WineConf is wanted to change, I'd think it
would need something like hands-on sessions (prepared, not ad-hoc), maybe
workshops (bug-hunting?), etc... That would fit well to FOSDEM, but would
be quite a different thing. Maybe WINE wants to have both? :)

> Yeah there's some Xorg stuff going on as well. I'm visiting fosdem 2012 
> for that reason.
> Would be interesting to know if any wine devs go this year. Might meet 

Though I am not really active at the moment, I'll be at FOSDEM from Friday
evening to Sunday afternoon.



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