Rethinking WineConf

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Wed Jan 18 05:50:22 CST 2012

On January 18, 2012 at 12:10 AM Marcus Meissner <marcus at> wrote:

> > Well, most of them are not very interested in Wine, but they're not
> > hostile to it either. So it's not impossible. No harm in asking the
> > organizers.
> one conference of two sets of groups that are not that interested in each
> others work
> might share the organisation burden ... but its not that useful i guess
> to attract more people to wineconf :/
(I tried to post before but it bounced because I changed email address.)
I think the two communities should try this just once, to get a chance to get
to know each other.  Something wonderful may come out of it.
best regards,

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