Plans for Wineconf 2012?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jul 11 14:11:54 CDT 2012

Hey Lucas,

Right now I think the 'favorite' choice is to have a special area for
Wine developers at the next FOSDEM.  Unfortunately, we don't yet have
official confirmation that will be possible, although Gerry did give me
hope.  I've just now emailed him to see if I can help spur action on
that subject.

Note that FOSDEM would push us back a few months, probably to February,
and would be in Belgium.

Failing that, my evil strategy was to talk Marcus into hosting <grin>.



On 07/11/2012 01:54 PM, Lucas Zawacki wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> is there any date or place defined for the upcoming Wineconf?
> Cheers,
> Lucas
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