Suggested talk idea: Wine on ARM and Windows RT

Vincent Povirk vincent at
Wed Nov 21 14:17:43 CST 2012

> Sry for the delay...
> I'd volunteer if e.g. Vincent would agree to help me with that. He has a Surface Tablet and he has some experience with win8 due to working on coapp.
> What i wonder is: Do we have enough to tell? And is there more to tell?

I'd certainly help, as this is very interesting to me.

I don't have a great deal of experience with win8, but maybe by FOSDEM
there will be more to talk about? For right now, it's a lot of
speculation, and the only solid thing I know we have is Andre's work
with real ARM desktop exe's on Wine.

My impression is that there aren't a lot of gaps in the RT desktop
that Wine could fill in, even if someone jailbreaks it so we can run
non-MS desktop exe's. Opengl is conspicuously absent, but we can't
help with that.

I suspect the LGPL keeps us out of the Win8 app store, so even if we
could technically help there it's probably not a real option.

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