Travel advice

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Feb 2 01:20:55 CST 2013

So a bunch of us are planning to leave here at 9:30 to head over to FOSDEM.

Now the Tram line 94 runs right in front of the hotel with the Congress 
stop some 50m or so away.  It also runs right next to FOSDEM.

But there is a catch.  It seems to be Tram line '94D' that runs in front 
of our hotel, and Tram line '94D' goes no further than the Legrand stop.

Now, Legrand is only about a kilometer from ULB, so you can get off and 
walk from there.  That had been my original plan, but having gotten lost 
walking a few times, and with worries about rain, I've changed plans.

So now I plan on doing what the travel planning website tells me to do, 
which is to take either 92 or 94 to the Louise stop, which has a nice 
covered awning, and then from there catch a 94 with a destination of 
'Musee Du Tram'.  Then you get off at the ULB stop, and you're there; 
you can literally look right and see signs for building K, which is 
where the entrance is.

If you don't have a ticket, we've been getting them from the Botanique 
Metro station, which is one block north of the hotel.  Note that once 
down in the Metro, you can easily take the subway to Louise as well, and 
follow the signs for T 94 and you'll be at the same place as our tram goes.



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