FOSDEM preliminary schedule

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jan 9 09:23:55 CST 2013


I have penciled in the following sessions for FOSDEM (although not
necessarily in this order):

Wine for users
Mono Development
3D gaming and drivers
Wine on ARM
Wine governance - the proposed new FSA
A Wine 'Birds of Feather' breakout session
   - Paolo will have a chance to discuss libmsi and msitools

To conform to FOSDEM requirements, I will call most of them '1 hour',
but plan for them to be shorter and for us to get our craved discussion
breaks in between.

I'm going to start the sliding puzzle game of figuring out how to
schedule these now.

FOSDEM has asked that we finalize our schedule by January 15th, so if
you'd like to kibitz at all on this process, now is the time :-/.



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