Marcus Meissner marcus at
Fri Jan 18 14:41:49 CST 2013


For the folks of you who did not go to FOSDEM yet...

The project demo tables and all the connecting walkways in the university
are draughty and cold. The lecture rooms however are usually "too hot" when filled.

There are *lots* of people in very crowded hallways in the venue and so
a *lot* of noise, so do not forget your headache pills.

Food choices on the venue are a bit limited (I remember baguettes, soup?,
anything else?) and there are not much food places around, so I recommend
healthy breakfast.

Also beware of pickpockets in the towns central crowded places, e.g.
the larger trainstations and so, as a colleague of mine got his wallet
stolen at the airport train terminal. (The venue should be safer,
just geeks there ;)

Ciao, Marcus

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