FOSDEM logistics

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Jan 27 15:49:15 CST 2013

Hi folks,

Alright, this is it - we're going to try to get together at FOSDEM
starting this Friday.

If you are planning on being there, you should make sure to subscribe
to the wineconf mailing list:

All further logistics emails and discussions will take place there.
So if you're not subscribed, you can't complain we didn't try to
include you in the planning.

We plan on informally assembling in the lobby / bar of
the Best Western Hotel Royal Centre (
on Friday, most likely starting in late afternoon.

I don't have any plans for Saturday; I'll likely go harangue
the Xorg guys, and maybe catch the key note.  We may try to
informally gather as well.

However, there is no plan for Saturday dinner (sorry, no sponsored
dinner by CodeWeavers this year).  I have no idea how FOSDEM
usually works on Saturday night, so I figured we'd just play it
be year.  Advice is welcome.

Our devroom starts Sunday at 9:00 am.  We're in building K,
which you can see on this map:

Main FOSDEM entrance / registration is in building H on that map.

One bit of unsolicited advice - when I naively copy/paste the address
on the FOSDEM page into Google maps for directions, I end up with
the wrong location.  If you're at the Best Western, it looks like
Tram 94 goes to the Legrand stop in 16 minutes, and then a 10 minute walk
carries you the rest of the way there.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!



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