Arrival times?

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Thu Jan 31 09:55:35 CST 2013

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013, jwhite at wrote:

> So when are people arriving tomorrow?  Andrew Eikum and I are trapped in
> Amsterdam but will in theory be arriving today yet.
> Unless this is Limbo and we're dead and we don't know it :-/.

Oh good, there's Internet access in Limbo. I'm not so afraid to die 
suddenly :-) (Actually it might depend on the price)

> I may pop round to a spice developers meeting, 

Cool. You can tell them their qxl driver is slow as molasses when 
running Wine's console tests(*) and we need something faster for QEmu. 
Also it would be nice if they got it signed.

> We figure we'll be back at the hotel by 5:00 to connect with folks.

I will arrive with Josh with the 10h23 train. So I guess we should be at 
the hotel around 11 or 11h30.

(*) kernel32:console runs in 16s on my slow EeePC+Wine and takes 224s in 
QEmu + Windows 7 with the qxl driver, more or less the same as with the 
unaccelerated VGA driver (215 to 258s). At 118s VMware Workstation + 
Windows 7 shows one can go about twice as fast.

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