Travel from Gare Centraal to Best Western - contact info

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jan 31 12:28:29 CST 2013

Andrew and I finally made it - sans luggage - to the hotel, which is 
very nice and they're all cheerful here.

I've got a working phone as well; so feel free to text or call me at +32 
486 636 249 (although not tonight, or I'll kill you).

The train to the gare centraal was a snap.

But we debarked right at rush hour, and we couldn't find the place on 
the Best Western instructions.  It has you travel underground, we think, 
right to Rue Royale.  If it's less crazy, it would probably be easier to 
find (and you might not be too stupid to ask for directions, like we were).

We ended up wandering around a bit outside until my phone's GPS kicked 
in, and then we made it.  So: if you're also too stupid to ask, you 
might want to bring a GPSable phone, or a good detailed map of the area.

Or you might consider taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel; 
that'd work for sure :-/.



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