FOSDEM talk on tangential topic in wine devroom

Adrien Nader adrien at
Mon Nov 18 16:44:42 CST 2013


I'm the main guy behind which is a project to
bring package management and packages _for_ Windows (through
cross-compilation) and _on_ Windows (directly).
The ultimate goal is to put an end to the compilation and building mess
of free software when it comes to Windows; should give enough work for a
few more years.

I'd like to do a presentation about this project and mingw-w64 at
FOSDEM 2014. I know proposals go through pentabarf but I think I need,
at least for politeness, to ask here first.

The topic is not Wine and I'm not really involved in the Wine community
either; the target audience is also probably not so much the Wine
community but more general.

That said, I still believe a presentation in the wine devroom is

I was pondering going for a maintrack talk at first but it didn't feel
completely right (scale, slight topic mismatch and not really a format I
would feel comfortable with). That made me look for a devroom instead.

Last year, a windows-only topic in the LibreOffice devroom attracted
quite a lot of people who didn't attend the other talks. This makes me
believe there can be an audience from outside the wine community for
such talks: getting your free software running on Windows or getting
others' free software to run on your Windows.

PS: I'm on #winehackers as "adrien" so you can ask me questions there if
you want.

Adrien Nader

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